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Intelligence Report: Mass Spammers

Posted by PhiNotPi on January 31, 2013 at 7:30 PM

A "mass spammer" (usually just "spammer") is an account created to spam Fluther. The spamming is carried out by simply answering as many questions as possible with spammy answers.


Signs of a mass spammer:

  • Answers are obvious spam and often include links and bad English. They sometimes contain price information.
  • All answers posted by the user are exactly the same.
  • Answers a lot of questions regardless of the topic of the thread.  They can create up to 30+ answers within a few hours.
  • Username is either related to the product (freecash4u), complete jibberish (yu57dfsgs), or an actual name (WilliamSmith).


Mass spammers are easily detected, as a large number of user flags are generated.  There are special moderator tools available that can easily clean up this spam.

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